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Hello Everyone and Happy November!

 I am happy to tell you that Mousa is doing very well. A huge thank you to the team that has been helping him to settle. He is a really nice young man and he is learning English quickly.  We tried sushi yesterday and he really enjoyed it, so he is officially a Vancouverite now. He likes sushi and espresso coffee :) Mousa is now on the waitlist for LINC English classes (Language Instruction for New Comers), however, their next intake is not until January. So, he has to wait. Sally has started some English classes with him once a week at the North Van central library. They have both enjoyed the lessons, however, Sally will be leaving town for a couple of months. If there is anyone else who would like to do some English tutoring, Mousa can come to you on the bus or meet at a central location. He is a very easy going person and eager to learn. He is working on basic vocabulary and pronunciation and appreciates any help offered to him.  Also, Mousa is very helpful in the garden! He has done a great job of raking up leaves and yard debris in my yard and two others. If anyone has garden work, window cleaning, or other odd jobs they need done, Mousa would love to earn some spending money (so far, he has been paid 20$ per hour) and he takes direction quite well, just show him what you want and he'll get to it! 

Honada is planning a trip to Turkey! Her family is helping her to go for a visit. She is currently waiting for travel documents, but she should receive those soon. She is VERY excited to see her family again after so many years. She will be going with Ibrahim and Nour.

Refugees in Need:I have a family of 3 who are in desperate need of sponsors. They are a mother and two children, aged 16 and 27, who are Yarsani/Yarsany Kurds from Iran and, have suffered terribly as a religious and cultural minority there. There is one son here who would help with settlement, but has no funds. If you hear of any community group or parish that might be interested in sponsoring these people, please let me know. I am happy to follow up and provide more information.  

Lastly, Malis and his children have completed their settlement year now and are doing well, however, Malis spends a great deal of time and money getting to and from his work. We have a vehicle that has been donated and we will take it to a mechanic next week to see if it is worth fixing for them. We know it needs a new fuel pump, but that is a relatively small item. If it can be fixed up for under 1000$ and the mechanic says it does not have other major issues, we will go ahead and do it. This is quite an old vehicle, but may have some life left in it!  If anyone knows of another vehicle that could be donated to them, or if anyone would like to donate toward the cost of repairs, that would be delightful. Any donations can be made to REST, care of St. Agnes Anglican Church, 530 12th St E, North Vancouver, BC V7L 2K4

 Thank you everyone for all that you do and have done with REST :)

 Shannon Muir

Coordinator REST