A HUGE thank you from Istanbul:
I am attaching (I hope) a little video from Reem and her family. These are the friends of Honada that we raised funds for. It took over two weeks to get the money to them, then it took the family two tries and days of walking for everyone to make it to Istanbul. They are all now reunited and no longer living outside. I am sure Honada will provide updates as she hears them. Please enjoy the attached video. They have given me too much credit, but it was too difficult to explain what really happened to get the funds to them. 
One much smaller ask: Wilna and Dave Parry are organizing a weekend retreat for some newcomers on Bowen Island, over the Thanksgiving weekend. There will be about 40 people in total and they have organized the dinners, but are hoping to find some people willing to make some freezable, vegetarian (or Halal) food for lunches. This could be a large casserole, or a big pot of soup. Frozen in a large zipped bag would be ideal for transport. Also, they are hoping for snack foods, such as bars, cookies, muffins, or quick breads. Wilna has lots of room in her freezer to keep things until the big event. If you are willing and able to make any of this, please contact Wilna: email is [email protected] Drop-off is 2329 Kirkstone Road North Vancouver. Home phone 604-986-4838.
Thank you everyone!
Shannon Muir
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