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Worship October 9

Dear Friends,  Today is a day of unexpected blessings and miracles, signs of how God is active and alive and present in our world and in our lives when we are open and receptive to the possibilities.  We hear, read about, and experience healing. Fragile relationships are restored. Hope is experienced in profound... Read More


Worship October 2

Hey Friends, Faith is the theme for today’s readings, but not just any faith. It is a life-transforming faith, one that demonstrates the very presence of God moving, alive, and active in God’s people.  In response to Habakkuk’s oracle, the Lord answered him that “the righteous live by their faith” (Hab. 2:4b).... Read More


Worship September 25th

Dear Friends, This Sunday's gospel (Luke 16:19-31) opens the possibility—described as an impossibility—of place-sharing, trading or sharing places with each other.    Jesus’ parable introduces us to a rich man who eats a feast every day but  who does not  share anything with Lazarus. After both men die, Lazarus... Read More

Mary anoints jesus feet

Worship June 12

This Sunday we hear Jesus offering words of forgiveness (Luke 7:36 - 8:3).  An uninvited nameless woman shows up at the dinner party that Jesus has been invited to. Her lavish actions make the host of the dinner party, Simon the Pharisee, very uncomfortable, embarrassed and even disgusted both with her and with... Read More

Gods son centurion

Pentecost 2

When the centurion asks Jesus to heal his valued slave, the narrative explores whether the centurion is “worthy.” The Jewish elders speak up for this Roman outsider and say he has proven his worthiness by his goodness to the Jews. In contrast, the centurion himself says he is not worthy of Jesus’ presence. The... Read More

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Trinity Sunday

This Sunday our focus is on the doctrine of the Trinity.  This focus invites us to consider how a God constituted by relationship draws us into that relationship with God and one another. Gradually or suddenly, through the work of the Spirit, we come to know our belonging to the Father and to Christ’s body. In... Read More

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Pentecost and Potluck

It is a double P Sunday -  Pentecost and Potluck!!!!  What a perfect pairing for this Sunday. (did you see what I did there? ;) Another double p! ) Wear Something RED to worship on Sunday - it's Pentecost! What is Pentecost all about? Well, my friend Rev. Michael Kurtz puts it succinctly like this: Pentecost... Read More

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Easter 7C

Today’s gospel reading (John 17:20- 26) is first and foremost a prayer. It is Jesus’ prayer, and we are given the privilege of listening in as he prays on behalf of his disciples and people of all times and places.  We  are given a glimpse of Jesus’ mission for the world—that all may be drawn into the life of... Read More


Easter 5C - Earth Day - A blessing is a powerful thing

I write this to you on Earth Day, April 22, a day when we take time to contemplate, assess, educate and pray about our actions which impact God's good creation. In our baptism we are given the responsibility to be a good steward of God's creation, caring for the earth and all of its inhabitants and to work for... Read More

How to raise sheep

Searching Sheep

Messages and information today are texted, tweeted, broadcast, e-mailed, phoned, lectured, announced, packaged, and repackaged. The means and avenues for communication are many. Yet when it comes to the person known as Jesus of Nazareth we are often left standing in the place of the Jewish people who gathered... Read More

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