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Greetings my brothers and sisters,  

This Sunday marks the fiftieth day of Easter.  On this day we celebrate the Spirit, through whom and in whom, we, the people of God, are created and RE-created.    

Originally Pentecost was a Jewish thanksgiving-type festival seven weeks following Passover.  It was a celebration of the spring Harvest and people from all over would come to Jerusalem to celebrate. On this particular Pentecost, the Spirit, really stirred things up and was poured out on the entire community of believers just as Jesus had promised and the scriptures had prophesied.  

Acts 2:1-21 is Luke's retelling of that Pentecost in Jerusalem.  Woven into this account are hidden references to the Hebrew Bible (Old Testament), a citation from the prophets, a contemporary geography lesson, an account of miracles, and the folksy detail of the accusation of drunkenness, at 9am in the morning no less!   

Pentecost is sometimes called the church's birthday, but might more appropriately be called its baptism day, since the gift of the Spirit is the fullness of baptism.  Ezekiel's vision shows the Spirit resurrecting and RE-creating not just individuals but a whole people.  As we await the eschatological end of all things, we are now those who prophesy, see visions, and dream dreams. Through our baptism we partner with God in the process of RE-creating as we are empowered by the Spirit to bear witness to God's activity in the world.  

Come, Holy Spirit, fill the hearts of your faithful, and kindle in us the fire of your love.


In Christ,
Pastor Jennifer