Hello Everyone,  


The Spring Clean up will be held on Saturday the 25th, not the 18th as previously announced. The time is still the same – 9 – 1.

Light food fare will be provided, and customary tea and coffee will be served

Feel free to come and hang out, even if you feel like you are not able to help with the cleanup

Logistics: If you plan on attending please let either Jason or Shelley know so they can plan for enough food.  

May 26th – potluck and celebration of May birthdays

Bring a little something to share for lunch. (A little donation would be appreciated to help pay for the birthday cakes.)  

Something from the ELCIC newsletter you may be interested in reading:    

Healing Poverty: Reflecting the Root Causes and Spiritual Impact of Poverty

The Commission on Justice and Peace of The Canadian Council of Churchesrecently released a new report called "Healing Poverty." It looks at the root causes of poverty in Canada and their spiritual impact on our whole society while also offering concrete suggestions for faith communities to make action.  

Roadmap for Congregations, Communities and Churches for an Economy of Life and Ecological Justice

A new World Council of Churches resource rooted to the congregation level of churches' engagement in ecological and economic justice is an invitation to join in pilgrimage for an Economy of Life and climate justice, to commit to make changes in the way people live, and to share successful ideas to encourage one another.

Go to http://login.greatbignews.com/userfiles/246/May2019.htm to read the latest edition of E-Communique


Please remember to sign up for lawn mowing if you are able!! ============================================================  

I have too much rhubarb in my garden this year!  If you would like to have some please email me or give me a call and I will bring it on Sunday.  

Peace,   Lin