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Dear Friends,
This Sunday we celebrate All Saints' Day.  A wonderful day in our community life when we give thanks to God that through God's grace we are made saints. It is a day we remember and give thanks for people, both living and dead, who through their life, have been a witness to God's creative, re-creating and redemptive love.  On this day, we will give thanks for those members who have died this past year and also for those who have been baptized.  To add to our celebration of all the saints, the liturgical art team has made various spaces available around the sanctuary for photos to be placed and candles lit.  You are invited to bring a photo of someone who has been a saint in your life and to light a candle in memory of or in thanksgiving for them. When you arrive at church, find a place for your picture and take a moment to place it and light a candle beside it.  
If you choose not to bring a picture you are still invited to light a candle before the service.  The candles will remain lit for the duration of our service, reminding us that we are surrounded by "a great cloud of witnesses," and that this gives us strength to continue in our mission as God's saints to bless this world and every person in it.   
This Sunday we will hear how Jesus raised his friend Lazarus from death (John 11:32-42).  I encourage you to read the 11th chapter of John. It is a short but powerful read reminding us that Jesus was sent by God to show God's glory and give life, which in the Gospel of John is seen most fully on the cross. The resuscitation of Lazarus is a symbol of the resurrection at the end of time (Revelation 21:1-6a) and communicates to us that the word of Jesus is powerful over death.  
Leonard Cohen writes on What is a Saint? see Meditation Two.
Remember: Turn your clocks back one hour on Saturday night!!!
​1.  Thank you to all who brought socks for SockTober.  It was a tremendous success with over 130 pairs of socks collected!  Those who need them will be grateful for your generosity.
2.  Please check your church mailbox for some important information regarding an upcoming congregational meeting on November 15th
​3.  Mark your calendar for the following upcoming events
  • November 14th - 10am to noon in the sanctuary - CLWR appreciation reception and presentation "What in the World are Lutherans Doing?" The event is free. Bring a friend and enjoy a cup of coffee while learning about how your dollars helps others through CLWR.
  • November 15th - short congregational meeting following service
  • November 29th - First Sunday in Advent - Adult education begins at 10am, worship begins at 11am followed by a chilli lunch and advent wreath making
I am so grateful for you, this church community, and its ministries.  It is a wonderful gift of God - for us and our world, let's not take it for granted.
Have a good night and a safe Halloween.  See you on All Saints Sunday.
In Christ,
Pastor Jennifer