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Hey Friends,

Faith is the theme for today’s readings, but not just any faith. It is a life-transforming faith, one that demonstrates the very presence of God moving, alive, and active in God’s people. 

In response to Habakkuk’s oracle, the Lord answered him that “the righteous live by their faith” (Hab. 2:4b). But just what does it mean to be righteous? 
It’s a righteousness imparted by God, who creates and claims each of us as God’s own, bringing us into this family by our baptisms and by the faith God gives us makes us holy children. 
Being part of this divine family gives us our worth, even at those times we may not think of ourselves as worthy.
In 2 Timothy, the author writes a history of the faith in Timothy’s family, beginning with his grandmother and then passed on to his mother and himself. This is how many of us were first brought into the family of God: we had faithful parents who knew of their own God-given righteousness and then passed this gift on to their children. 
But again, it’s all God’s doing! 
Finally, Jesus’ disciples boldly ask their teacher to “Increase our faith” (Luke 17:5). They knew that faith was something needed, and Jesus explains that even a small amount of faith can do great wonders. 
Faith as small as a mustard seed. Faith that empowers us to do those every day, simple actions that bring justice in to our world. Faith that brings us in to being an important 
part of God’s world-changing purpose.

Are there moments of faithfulness that you can recall? How might God be calling us to small bits of faith? What does this look like? Pastor Larry Denef will be sharing his thoughts and experience of faith this Sunday as he will be preaching. Thank you Larry.  

Mustard Seed Faith

When injustice looms large,

remind us that small, daily Gospel obediences

reveal the infinite wideness of God’s mercy,

and strengthen all whose lives of daily justice

bring grace into the world;


When justice delays, and nothing seems to change,

remind us that faith and perseverance

manifest God’s unchanging love,

and inspire all whose long term faithfulness

slowly, but inexorably heals the world;


When the call of Your Reign is difficult and daunting

remind us that life is found

in giving ourselves for You and for others,

and sustain all whose constant sacrifices

bring joy and goodness to the world;


O God, though our faith is mustard-seed-small,

we offer it to you,

that we may daily play our little part

in your saving, transforming purposes.




by John van de Laar


It is meaningful then, with all this talk about faith, that this Sunday ourAnimate:Faith study begins after worship. The topic we will be exploring is God and how Faith is a Quest. Who is 
God? How do you experience God? Grab a coffee and then come and join the conversation. 
1.Common Food Chest Challenge 
Thank you to all who took to heart and responded to my challenge to fill to overflowing the common food chest.  It was an amazing sight  - to see that basket being brought forward with the offering - thank you for your generous response.  Our work is not done!  Many who are the Lazarus' who lay at our gate depend on our generosity out of our wealth.  The basket was almost filled to the top - Can we fill it up completely???  I know we can!  This week our challenge is to bring bags or boxes of cereal.  Let's fill that basket up!
2. Animate:Faith An imaginative exploration of Christianity's big questions.
Ever have questions about God – is God real? 
How about the Church – what does it mean to be the church? 
Or how about Spirituality – Can we be spiritual without being religious? If you have ever thought these questions You are not alone! 
Come join us as we explore the big questions with thought provoking questions and ideas shared by today’s leading Christian theologians.October 2 and 9th following worship in the fireside room.
3. Living into Truth and Reconciliation: Wednesday, October 12th at 7pm at Christ Church Cathedral, An opportunity for continued learning about the Truth and Reconciliation Commission  

Chief Dr. Robert Joseph will speak about the Truth and Reconciliation Commission's Calls to Action to the church. Come and hear how we can journey towards reconciliation together. Free parking available at Park Place Parkade with a Cathedral Parking Pass (download a parking pass here).
4. M
indful Parenting: Beginning October 17th, Grace Memorial United Church 
803 E 16th Ave, Vancouver
will be hosting a 6 week series on Mindful Parenting and social-emotional intelligence. 
Sessions will be Mondays from 7-8:30pm (no class on Halloween) and will be led by Christina Kinch, a Family Wellness Consultant, Yoga Therapist and Educator who specializes in heart-centered and mindfulness-based practices to help families who are struggling with difficult behaviours, metal and emotional health issues and difficulties at school and with peers. 
The cost is $60-$120 on a sliding scale and subsidies are available. 
To register or to find out more, contact Christina at 604-440-6166 or visit
Thank you for your faithful stewardship in all you do.  Thank you for being part of this community of faith.  Thank you for taking to heart the importance of being present for one another on this faith journey. I know at times it can be difficult to know and hear where God is calling us to be but that is exactly why we need to come together.  
I know, too, this community is important to you and you show that by your presence and participation here.  
You have much to offer the world and I am thankful for your faith, for the work you do, and the efforts of everyone. Let's continue to make this the best congregation we can. 
In Christ,
Pastor Jennifer