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Dear Friends,

This Sunday's gospel

opens the possibility—described as an impossibility—of place-sharing, trading or sharing places with each other. 


Jesus’ parable introduces us to a rich man who eats a feast every day but 
who does not
 share anything with Lazarus. After both men die, Lazarus is comforted while the rich man is denied even a drop of water. This dichotomy still exists for people who live at opposite ends of the economic spectrum. How can our church serve as a bridge that crosses the great chasm separating the haves and the have-nots?

There is great continuity in Luke’s writings regarding the reality of poverty and wealth. Mary sings a song(Luke 1:53) celebrating God’s power to fill the hungry with good things and send the rich away empty. The first communities of believers share their possessions (Acts 4:34) so that there was not a needy person among them. Stories like these continue to inspire the faithful, even as today’s parable regarding the rich man and Lazarus offers a sobering warning against greed and indifference toward the poor. 
he reading from 1 Timothy 
which we won't read in the service but you can read it here)
reminds us w
pursue righteousness, godliness, faith, love, endurance, and gentleness, 
our hearts and eyes are opened and we are empowered to care for the other
so that there is no “poor man named Lazarus” dying at our gates. 
My friends, last week the basket for our common food chest was brought forward during the offering and it was empty.  I'm sure that was an anomaly as I am aware that a few of you do, faithfully, bring items for our common food chest.  Thank you for your offering. The problem is we can't afford to have the basket be empty. The welfare of our community needs us. There are so many hungry people on the north shore and we can be a part of the solution - we can be faithful in a little. 
The sharing of our wealth means so much to those who have so little.  It is such good stewardship! It is a treasure to behold. And after all, the greatest treasure—our eternal salvation has already been purchased for us through Jesus’ death and resurrection. Knowing this, we can share all we have with our neighbours, even our very place and salvation, confident that God will continue to provide for our needs. 
So, I encourage each of us to bring a canned soup or stew for our common food chest. I know that if we each brought an item the basket would overflow!  Wouldn't that be an amazing sight?!  
Let's challenge each other from now until Thanksgiving to bring an item each week for the common food chest.  Let's make it happen!  
Thank you for your faithful stewardship in all you do.  Thank you for being part of this community of faith.  Many of you took my words about the importance of attendance to heart and for that I am really grateful.  I know this community is important to you and you showed that by your presence and participation here.  Thank you.  
Sunday school begins this week after Time for Young Minds. Our children need our witness as we gather to worship and share our faith. We need each other on this journey of faith! Like I said in a previous email this congregation will not always be here unless you meet for worship regularly.  You have much to offer the world and I am thankful for the work you do and the efforts of everyone to make this the best congregation we can. 
See you on Sunday with your can of soup or stew! 
1. We are looking for one or two people to help augment the roster of teachers for SundaySchool.  
The curriculum resource used is called Deep Blue One Room Sunday School and the lessons are planned out with various options.  It is really fun and the kids engage with it readily. 
If you would be willing to be a helper with our Children's Ministry please contact Candace Storm at 
2. Barn Dance Fundraiser for REST 
Saturday Oct 8th from 7 - 10pm  
St. Andrew's and St. Stephen's (SASS) Presbyterian church in North Vancouver (2641 Chesterfield Ave) are holding a Barn Dance fundraiser for our refugees
*Live band and dance caller, band is the Sybaritics- check them outonline
You do not need to know how to dance, the Sybaritics will be teaching us at the dance
- here is a clip of a lesson
*Pie and ice cream and non-alcoholic drinks included in the ticket price!
$25 per person
Family price is for 4, 
2 adults and 2 children 18 and under
, more children are $10 each.
*Hobby Horses for sale!
*Prizes for most original outfits!
*All ages welcome!
*All funds raised will be donated to refugee sponsorship!
*Fun, fun fun!
Contact for tickets
ome on down for some fun fundraising!
3. Mark your calendars for Oct 16th - Member Care Potluck returns!  Bring a dish to share - yumm!
4. Next Saturday, October 1st, St. John's Anglican (220 8th St W, North Vancouver, BC (604) 986-1151)  is experimenting with a new worship format called Cafe Church. 
Gathering begins at 4pm on the first Saturday of every month. 
All are invited to attend - no church experience necessary!  Parking is available in the school lot across from the church.
Have a good day tomorrow and I look forward to seeing you soon.
Pastor Jennifer