1. Wash your hands with soap/water or alcohol-based hand sanitizer before touching the mask.
2. Inspect the mask to ensure it is not damaged.
3. Turn the mask so the coloured side is facing outward.
4. Put the mask over your face and if there is a metallic strip, press it to fit the bridge of your
5. Put the loops around each of your ears, or tie the top and bottom straps.
6. Make sure your mouth and nose are covered and there are no gaps. Expand the mask by
pulling the bottom of it under your chin.
7. Press the metallic strip again so it moulds to the shape of your nose, and wash your hands
again with water/soap or alcohol based hand sanitizer.
8. Don't touch the mask while you are wearing it.
9. Don't wear the mask if it gets wet or dirty. Don't reuse the mask.

10. To take off your mask:

(a) Wash your hands with soap/water or alcohol based hand

(b) lean forward to remove your mask. Touch only the ear loops or ties, not the front of
the mask;

(c) dispose of the mask safely;

(d) wash your hands.