Early detection of COVID-19 symptoms will facilitate the immediate implementation of effective
control measures. In addion, the early detection and immediate implementation of enhanced
cleaning measures are two (2) of the most important factors in limiting the size and length of an
An “outbreak” is two or more cases; a “case” is a single case of COVID-19.
1. If and when a COVID-19 outbreak is reported in relation to an event held at Gloria Dei
Lutheran Church (GDLC), any person knowledgeable of the outbreak will notify GDLC
Chair at gloriadei5838@gmail.com or 778-995-5257. In such a case, the GDLC Council
has authority to modify, restrict, postpone or cancel activities in consultation with public
health agencies.
2. If a GDLC user group or member of a user group’s household is confirmed of having
COVID-19, they are strongly encouraged to contact GDLC council at
3. If GDLC suspects a case of COVID-19, confirms a case of COVID-19 or outbreak of
influenza-like-illness, GDLC will immediately report and discuss the suspected outbreak
with the Vancouver Coastal Health Authority's Medical Health Officer (or delegate).
GDLC will fully cooperate with the Medical Health Officer direction