On Wednesday, the World Health Organization declared the global spread of illness caused by the coronavirus (COVID-19) as a pandemic.  The outbreak at the Lynn Valley Care Centre and Hollyburn House has brought the pandemic to our doorstep.  This, together with reports of some cases of community transmission, has understandably heightened the levels of anxiety for many in our community. Based on the recommendations of our provincial public health officers we have taken the following measures to protect the health and safety of all our members and visitors.     

  • When you enter the building we are asking everyone to wash their hands with soap and water readily available in all four of our washrooms.  We have also set up hand sanitizing stations in key locations. 
  • During the “Sharing the Peace” we will refrain from handshakes and express our Christian goodwill toward one another with a bow, a nod, a wave, or elbow bump.
  • At Communion, we will refrain from sharing the Common Cup and serve the communion wine only in individual cups/glasses
  • We will continue with our coffee fellowship without baked goods for the time being, but have put our monthly potluck meals on hold. 

We continue to monitor the situation closely and will share updates with you as they are warranted. You can read Pastor Vida's full message here. Our National and Synodical Bishops have also issued an update On COVID-19 And Communities of The ELCIC