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The long-awaited Saber has arrived! Joanne Graham started working on his paperwork back in 2015 and his application was submitted in 2016. Joanne has also sponsored Saber's elderly parents and they all arrived safe and sound on Friday afternoon. Joanne has found them an apartment in Burnaby and they have family (in the pictures) here, who were sponsored through the United churches previously. 
Saber's mother was extremely sweet and bestowed many hugs and many, many kisses on everyone. 
Thanks to all the churches who have been able to continue their financial support to provide for Saber, Neema, who has now passed her interview and health checks, and Mousa. 
Family and REST friends eagerly awaiting their arrival:
A new request... If there is anyone available to do some after school tutoring with Asmaa and Ahmad's children, Asmaa would really appreciate it. They are delightful kids, and just need some ordinary tutoring assistance. They live close to the corner of Mountain Hwy and Main Street, next to Phibbs Exchange.