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News from last Sunday’s Bulletin, in case you didn’t see it:

The church building may be closed, but the church is still alive and functioning!

  • In this last week, your Church Council, Worship and Member Care Committees met virtually to continue ministry and conduct the business of the church.
  • There have also been several Zoom meetings organized by the Synod for pastors and lay leaders to address concerns during this time and to offer mutual support. Interim Pastor Vida, as well as Candace, Jim Berger, Jason Assam and other lay leaders participated.
  • Caring for one Another: The Member Care Committee have set a goal to contact everyone in the church directory once/week as check-in and offer or arrange for any needed support. If you have not yet been contacted, please phone Maureen J., Sue Englebert, or Pat Overgaard and let them know you would like to receive a call. We don’t want to miss anyone. Also, please call one another!
  • The parents have also been brainstorming of how to maintain a sense of connection for the Sunday School Children and tried out a virtual get together last Sunday morning “following the service” via Zoom.


Holy Week Worship

• Passion Sunday – we will be sending out a bulletin together with an audio recording of the Passion Narrative with lectors from Gloria Dei

• Maundy Thursday – Bulletin with images, readings and prayers and audio recording of songs by Sonja Koruga

• Good Friday – TBD

• Easter Sunday – Bulletin with links to hymns and sermon by Bishop Greg Mohr 


Remember them in your prayers this week: Carole R, Viola, Miriam, Gerry,  Aud, Lois, Tilly, Tanya, and Estelle.