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al Ahli Hospital

Out of 24 hospitals with in-patient capacity in the north, only one, the Anglican operated al Ahli in Gaza City, is presently operational and admitting patients. Eighteen hospitals have shut down and evacuated since the start of hostilities. The  Lutheran World Federation Augusta Victoria Hospital (AVH) in East Jerusalem is giving whatever assistance they can remotely to al Ahli, but as they cannot send supplies or staff there is only so much they can do. Staff from the other hospitals in the Gaza City area that have closed are migrating to help at al Ahli. Fighting and shelling continues to plague the areas surrounding Ahli Arab Hospital, yet, the hospital persists in serving its existing patients. The medical staff courageously operates amid extreme, life-threatening circumstances, jeopardizing their lives for the sake of patient care. They are treating patients in every nook & cranny including on the floor and in the courtyard. (This is the same courtyard that was bombed a few weeks ago). Here is a damage report from this bombing and from a previous one on October 9.

Augusta Victoria Hospital 

The staff at Augusta Victoria Hospital were successful in helping a Lutheran World Federation worker to evacuate from Gaza to Egypt. They had not been able to leave since the war began and now are safe in Cairo.

There are over 500 patients from Gaza who are on the schedule for treatment at AVH, but of course, getting there is currently impossible. They are doing all they can remotely and have set up a WhatsApp link for Gaza patients, but again many of these patients are scheduled for chemotherapy, radiation or dialysis which cannot be done remotely.

AVH, located on the Mount of Olives in East Jerusalem  continues to support many patients from Gaza who are stranded in Jerusalem. They were at the hospital for treatment when the war broke out and now unable to go home and also not allowed to move freely in Jerusalem. Many of them have heard that family members have died and homes destroyed. The social workers & chaplains from AVH have a heavy support workload.

Donations to the hospital are needed and welcome and can be made through CLWR - marked for Augusta Victoria Hospital.  

Prayers and advocacy are also needed.

This post compiled from reports from American Friends of the Episcopal Diocese of Jerusalem and personal communication from a Board member of Augusta Victoria Hospital.