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Many across Canada recognize the month of June as a time to celebrate the diversity of LGBTQ+ communities, while acknowledging their history, the hardships they have endured and the progress that has been made. 

Here is a poem by Rev. Wendy MacLean, a poet and minister of the United Church of Canada. Her two books of poetry were published by Borealis Press: Rough Angel, Ange Ecru (with translations by Michel Gadoury) and Spirit Song in Ancient Boughs.

A Mother’s Prayer

When my son told me he is gay

he was afraid I would be angry.

My God, why would I be angry

with this brave young man

bold enough to find his way on an unknown path?

But to be honest, God, I had anger.

Not at my son, but at a world
that makes our sexuality so complicated,

that makes it so hard to enjoy our bodies without guilt.

He is not alone in his struggles.
I know well the fear and power
of a woman’s body
in a world that crushes ecstasy with conformity.

Holy One, Creator of heaven and earth,
Bless us all
with the confidence that you made us with great care,

that we are made in your image, in love and beauty.

Our bodies are not separate from our spirits.

You live in us.
Heaven and earth
are in each moment.
Body and spirit
are in each breath.

We are united, called, beloved: One.