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Dear Friends in Christ, 

 The Sunday after Easter is sometines dubbed "Doubting Thomas Sunday" named after the disciple featured in the gospel text for this Sunday who needs assurance and wants to see Jesus' wounded hands and side.  Many sermons have been written taking the example of Thomas to preach a version of "Doubt  is part of faith."  However, the real message inherent in the text isn't about doubt, but faith that needs assurance that the Risen One is indeed the Crucified One. Our God is not the God of glory, power, and invicibility,  but the God who make himself known through woundedness and vulnerability.

Pastor Vida


Image: detail of lead glass window in Notre-Dame-du-Rosaire Church in Saint Ouen, France, depiction St. Thomas (“VIDE MANUS MEAS” – see my hands), image by G. Freihalter. This image is licensed under the Creative CommonsAttribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unportedlicense.