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HOW can I help:

We need the following items either donated or loaned to our kitchen:

  • Aprons
  • Oven mites
  • Pots, pans, fry pans
  • Large soup pots
  • Large casserole dishes
  • Mixing bowls
  • Peelers, graters, mixing spoons
  • Sharp knives

Now for the WHY:

Pastor Vida has this wonderful vision of creating a community kitchen for immigrant newcomer women on the North Shore. The aim is to provide a safe place for women to meet and socialize while making nutritious food in an economical way.  

We see the participants coming from all walks of life, with different strengths and skills to share with the group.  Vancouver has a large immigrant community and many of them are in North Vancouver, which is very spread out and it can be hard to make friends or find services.  We propose to find participants for our program in conjunction with other North Shore non-profit agencies such as the Neighbourhood House and Immigrant Services Society, and would also offer it to our Ukrainian women’s group.  

Statistics show that 40% of people living below the poverty line on the North Shore are working. People affected by poverty come from all walks of life.  In addition, the number of people accessing the Food Bank on the North Shore has risen from 250 in 2019 to 950 in 2023.

Immigrant women are at an additional disadvantage because they have no knowledge of our food systems, how to shop most economically in our stores, how to budget for life on the North Shore, and have language barriers.

Specifically the goals of our program are: 

  • To enable people to connect in a safe place to help with the problem of social isolation.
  • To improve access to healthy food
  • To enable development of food independence skills as well as communication skills and English language skills.
  • To build confidence and self esteem
  • To foster friendship
  • To develop and strengthen community partnerships
  • To increase access to employment and volunteering opportunities

Funding and Resources

We applied for two grants through the BC Synod  - A Compassionate Justice Initiative Grant from the ELCIC and a Missions and Capital Extension Grant and received the funding that we need to launch our program as a pilot or experiment. We have planned an eight-week program beginning in October and will soon move forward with advertising the program in the community.

It is no surprise that we need some kitchen equipment!  So anything that we can get via donation or loan would be really helpful.  In order to keep track of what we get, please either telephone or email Lin Parkinson with what items you would be able to provide. Her telephone number is 6047331071 and email is

If you would be interested in helping out in any way with the program, please let Lin know. There are other ways you can help with this exciting new venture!