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Kayla Craig in her "Liturgies for Parents" blog writes about our propensity to turn to distractions in order to avoid thinking about the aches we carry - physical, emotional, and spiritual.  Naturally, We also want to protect our children from pain.  But covering over life's hurts - like a bandaid for skinned knees - can do more harm than good. 

I know that trying to fix wounds without giving them space to breathe — and to heal eventually — bypasses the genuine struggles of what it is to be human in this hurting world. 

In this Holy Week as we meditate on the sufferings of Christ, she writes how we sometimes resist sharing this part of the Christian life with our children. We want to shield them from violence. We want to protect them from suffering. But we can not fully enter the celebration of Christ’s resurrection if we do not also reflect on his death at the hands of people in power who felt threatened by Jesus.

Read her full post here for helpful prompts and a family prayer for Holy Week.