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Part of my religious journey has been searching for something bigger than myself, the opportunity to make a difference in the world and support others.  Last Monday Pastor Vida and I attended the Women's Memorial March in the Downtown East Side. This event is an opportunity for families of missing Indigenous Women, mothers, nieces and friends to speak out. These families are asking for prayers, understanding and equality.  Being able to honour their stories by listening in silence was a powerful moment for me. As we started moving through the streets with thousands of people I felt like a very small part of change and second guessed my presence but after looking at the full streets I understood the importance of each and every person showing up. These families were and are asking for the government, the RCMP and others to show up and going to events like the Women's Memorial March show that we care. I look forward to going to other events in the future and encourage you to join. Together we have a stronger voice than just one person. 

~ Candace Storm