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It is a double P Sunday -  Pentecost and Potluck!!!!  What a perfect pairing for this Sunday. (did you see what I did there? ;) Another double p! ) Wear Something RED to worship on Sunday - it's Pentecost!
What is Pentecost all about? Well, my friend Rev. Michael Kurtz puts it succinctly like this:

Pentecost celebrates the pouring out of the Holy Spirit on all Jesus’ followers 50 days after Easter.  

This is an outpouring that continues still.  
Jesus gives us the Spirit that was a work in him – a holy, good, life-giving Spirit – to all his followers to continue his work in the world, the work of healing and feeding and forgiving and including and raising people to new life.  
This is good news for us!  And good news for the world!  Come hear what it is all about – and receive the Spirit again. Worship Begins at 10am