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Hello Everyone,  

Council is calling a Special Congregational Meeting with 2 weeks notice for Dec 15, 2019. We will vote on the following motion.

Proposal: to use the memorial fund to cover the cost of the roof maintenance and repair that was required after an unexpected water leak.  Total will also include the insurance deductible amount of $1000. Total amount to be withdrawn $7525.75This will require a 2/3 vote and will be done after service prior to coffee time. Thank you

This week:

December 1st – First Sunday in Advent.This Sunday Arlene McIntyre and Pat Shaw (the Groovin Grammas) will play some piano duets.  After the worship service there will be time to have a cup of coffee or tea.  Then, come back to the sanctuary for a 30 minute program.  It begins with two familiar pieces by Brahms.  The remaining songs will be from the Tin Pan Alley era --  Broadway shows, movies, and ragtime.  Plan to be with us -- just for fun!The Advent tree will be up and the children will decorate it with the ornaments that they made last year.

Next week:

December 8th -  Carol service (no sermon) followed by a potluck and birthday celebration for those born in November and December. There also will be special advent crafts for everyone to make. They will be added to the Advent tree.


Honada is cooking a dinner again!  Come to Honada's dinner of delicious, non-spicy, Syrian cooking. Tickets are $35 at the door of Saint Catherine's Anglican Church1058 Ridgewood Drive, North Vancouver, BC.Date... December 14th. Doors open... 5:30, dinner 6:00.Contact person... Lynn Spence... 604. 929. 4817 

Honada would love to see everyone and cook for you! This is simply raising funds for their family to survive in our expensive city. 


I received this email from Shannon Muir (REST) this week: 

Please send a warm and hearty thank you to the folks at Gloria Dei for their ongoing generous support of the newcomers. Amazing! 


Advent Online Devotional – Starts Sunday, December 1st

Lutherans Connect – a ministry of the University of Toronto Lutheran Chaplaincy is again offering an online devotional. This year’s theme—inspired by National Bishop Susan Johnson’s call to a year of prayer that began in September—is “Praying for Creation”.  Like many of you, “I long to spend some time in spiritual practice, but often have trouble doing so amid the many pressures and demands of daily life.” That is why every Advent I look forward to the daily posts from Lutherans Connect. At the end of the day, I make myself a cup of herbal tea, light a candle on my tabletop Advent wreath, and settle into my easy chair and click on the link on my tablet. Each meditation features not only scripture and poems, but beautiful images and music. There is always something that, inspires, challenges or encourages me.  I go to bed feeling lighter and more connected to the divine and what really matters. –Pastor Vida 

Daily devotions will be posted as usual on Facebook, here - and Twitter, here - . If you already are on Twitter their handle is @LuTConnect.You can also subscribe to the email list by writing to    

See you on Sunday