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Thursday News

Hello Everyone! 

This Sunday  Church Council will be installed.

September 12 – Choir starts.

September 15 –Sunday School starts, and                          

 - there is a Congregational meeting following the service. 

September 29 – BBQ and celebration of anniversaries and birthdays. Don’t miss it!


BC Synod Lower Mainland Regional Gathering - October 5

This is a gathering for all congregational members and rostered ministers in the Lower Mainland Region.  

Where - First Lutheran – 5745 Wales St. Vancouver

Time 9:30am to TBA

When:  Saturday, October 5

More information to follow.....


From our Facebook page this week: 

"During the #SeasonOfCreation, we join together to rejoice in the good gift of creation and reflect on how we care for it. This season offers a precious opportunity to pause in the midst of our day-to-day lives and contemplate the fabric of life into which we are woven." ~ joint statement from ecumenical leaders 

This is post #7 in our Tuesday series on pursuing right relations with Indigenous people by making a beginning to learn some of their history and experience.

In this #SeasonOfCreation today's link is a story by Vivian Seegers (the first indigenous woman to be ordained in the Anglican Diocese of New Westminster) where she writes about what it means to live in reciprocity with all creation and what happens when that relationship is violated in the AnglicanJournal   to read the entire article. It is well worth the read. Here is the URL  (I couldn't get the link to work, sorry!)


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