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This Sunday our focus is on the doctrine of the Trinity.  This focus invites us to consider how a God constituted by relationship draws us into that relationship with God and one another. Gradually or suddenly, through the work of the Spirit, we come to know our belonging to the Father and to Christ’s body.

In such loving relationships, truth is discovered. But people cannot bear the truth all at once, so discipleship and faith formation are gradual processes of listening for the Spirit’s voice. Christian practices such as worship, learning, and service are occasions for people of all ages to be “guided into truth.” Such practices are rooted in baptism, in which God draws us into a lifelong relationship in which we grow into truth and love over time—guided by the Spirit, accompanied by Jesus, and having peace with the Father.

In Romans, we hear the truth of how love originates and grows in us: Poured into our hearts by the Holy Spirit, God’s love gives us a hope that will never disappoint. Christian community offers the delightful opportunity to experience one’s own growth in hope, faith, and love, and to witness others’ growth as they too are drawn more deeply into relationship with the triune God.

This Sunday,Trinity Sunday, offers the delightful opportunity to celebrate that growth.