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Salal + Cedar invites you to an evening of learning.  The Gloria Dei Worship Committee is registering the Church as a community. This means that we can have an unlimited number of people attend - you don't have to pay the individual registration fee to attend. Please give this learning opportunity your prayerful consideration. It would be wonderful to have a good representation from Gloria Dei.  

Please speak with Jim Berger, Chair of the Worhsip Committee if you plan to participate. 

Who we are:
Salal + Cedar is a community with a decade of experience creating liturgy that responds to the urgency and grief of climate crisis and mass extinctions. We worship in wild places, on zoom calls, and in traditional church settings. The congregations we work with include Baptists, Anglicans, Moravians, and non-denominational queer evangelicals to name a few, and the services we design range from bible camp hands-on explorations to high church holy week vespers. Supported by Associated Parishes for Liturgy and Ministry, our Liturgy Team has just completed a year-long intensive developing new worship practices and tools, and we are excited to share what we have learned.

Who is it for: Pastors, priests, wild church practitioners, lay liturgists, altar guilds, intercessors, church musicians, climate activists, seminarians and anyone who cares about collective spiritual practice and the life of our planet: people who want to support Salal + Cedar and people who want to learn from us. The event will focus mostly on Christian worship, but people of any faith or spiritual tradition are welcome to attend.

What you get: An experiential evening showcasing climate-focused worship resources, strategies and materials. Our time together will include: prayer, large group work, break-out sessions, and networking time with other churches, liturgists, and preachers responding to the climate crisis. You’ll also receive a .pdf preview of our upcoming liturgical resource library before it is available on our website.

We will have 3-5 break-out rooms. Please list your two top choices in your registration:

Preaching for Climate Justice
Marking the Celtic Wheel of the Year
Taking Your Church Outdoors/Bringing the Outdoors In
Music that Makes Community
Bible and Watershed for Children and Families
Praying our Grief, Lament, and Resistance