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From Shannon Muir, Chairperson REST
I am writing as a special appeal to help a family in need. A friend of Honada, someone she knew in Damascus, found Honada on Facebook and asked her for help. This lady, her husband, and 5 of their six children used to own a butcher shop. They had to leave Damascus, then were evacuated from another city in Syria, Idlib I believe. According to Honada, they were taken to the border and left there. Turkey will not allow them to enter unless they pay 300$US per person. (Their oldest daughter has gotten in to Turkey and waits for them there.) The family is currently living under a stairway. They have been there for 6 months. 
We are raising funds to help the family get in to Turkey, so that they can do their best to settle there. They do have family in Turkey and feel that they would be able to find jobs if they could get to Istanbul. They require just under 3000$ for all of them to be allowed in and to hire a driver to take them to Istanbul. We have now raised more than half of the amount they need. 
If you are interested in contributing toward our appeal for this family, please let me know. You can send a cheque to St. Agnes Anglican Church with Refugees- Special Appeal in the subject line. The address is: 530 12th St E, North Vancouver, BC V7L 2K4
Please let me know what you have sent to make sure I include it when we send them a wire transfer. 
Here is a picture of four of the children in the place they have made home.