Below is a list of required conduct/actions as we return to worship and shared building
space. You will notice most of them are prohibitions. We did too. What we desire in
addition, is: Listen to the word of the Lord. Pray. Cherish our time together. Encourage
happiness. Try to be flexible as the Gloria Dei Lutheran Church community works
through this pandemic. And most important, let's follow Dr. Henry's lead: "Be kind, be
calm, and be safe."

The following measures must be in place at Gloria Dei Lutheran Church (GDLC)

1. Gatherings of 50 or more people are not permitted.
2. Signage advising and educating on COVID-19 wellness, hygiene, and social distancing
measures should be in place around the facility.
3. Ensure no cross-over of scheduling leads to a situation where the restrictions related to
group size are broken.
4. Use markings to ensure appropriate spacing is in place to support social distancing.
5. Directional traffic flow plan and markers may be required in high pedestrian traffic areas.
6. No gathering is permitted around GDLC until the scheduled start time of any event
(please consider having arriving participants wait in their car until the group ahead has
7. User groups should leave immediately after the event.
8. Washrooms need a defined cleaning schedule.
9. Water fountains (if present) should be used for only filling of water bottles. Signage
should be placed advising not to drink from.
10. Sanitization/hand-washing facilities on site for all user groups and ensure the location is
visible and easily accessed.
11. Have a log of all people within the building

GDLC is an all-volunteer organization committed to providing worship and community space for
our members and our North Shore community in a manner consistent with public health
guidelines in an effort to limit the transmission of COVID-19.

To this end, GDLC has:
1. Implemented COVID-19 safety protocols.
2. Trained our user groups in these COVID-19 safety protocols and made our members
aware of these protocols
3. Posted on our website are our COVID-19 safety protocols for our members and our
community to see:

Remained committed to following Dr. Bonnie Henry's mantra in dealing with this
‘Be Kind. Be Calm. Be Safe’

If you, as a member of the public or as a member of GDLC have any questions or concerns
regarding activities engaged in by GDLC please contact Gloria Dei Lutheran Church Chair at or 778-995-5257