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Each week in Lent, on Thursday evenings at 7:30PM we will be gathering for a service of Lament against injustice. We will focus on a different injustice each week. In this second week of Lent, we will join our voices in lament and prayer for the injustice suffered by the earth and its creatures. 


Before the service, you are encouraged to ponder the places in the world that have held special meaning for you -   scroll down to the end of this post where you will find a document with some stories and reflection questions. Also, check out "Nine Reasons Lutherans Care for Creation"  - also at the bottom of this post. 

Go for walks and spend time in the natural world, fostering an attentiveness to the created beings with whom we share our local home. What is their purpose? What do they contribute to your local community? This wonder will lead you to give praise to the Creator.

Here are 5 tips from on how you can forge a deeper connection with other species

In the following video - Writer, Elif Shafak invites us to listen to the trees, whose experience of time, stillness and impermanence is utterly different from our own - 


  • Learn more about how our Christiain faith compels us to act on behalf of Climate Justice in a presentation by Dr. Cynthia Moe-Lobeda on March 13 - Climate Justice: Faith Active in Love 

Conservation Ecologist, Michael Soule (a Buddhist) in his last interview before his death, expressed his foolish hope, since Christians care about nature --"The Bible says God created everything and pronounced it good," that there was common ground between religious folks and conservationists. And that because of that common ground, "Maybe together these groups can act as a kind of brake on our short-term economic impulses [that pay no regard of the cost to the natural environment that life on this planet depends on]." 



  • For the Love of Creation: faith-in-action
    For the Love of Creation's faith-in-action campaign invites you to make a personal pledge to reduce household greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and to share support for increased federal climate action. For more information and to take action, please click here
  • Create a new relationship with our forests NOW

Did you know that in BC,  we are cutting down old growth at a faster rate than ever before? That when a 500-year-old tree is cut down, we lose not only the tree but the biodiversity and ecosystems it has supported. Send a message to Premier John Horgan and to Hon. Murray Rankin, Minister of Indigenous Relations to stop logging ancient trees immediately, and to work with First Nations to implelment an old growth strategy that protects these ecosystems forever.  Pastor Vida has a limited supply of postcards that are pre-addressed. All you need to do is add a postage stamp and sign your name. Contact our church office 604-588-5838 to have one set aside for you. 

Learn more at KAIROS and the Ancient Forest Alliance

  • Feeling overwhelmed by the challenge of climate change? Check out these practical and inspirational tips and ideas from the Governement of Canada on what you can do to make a difference.

  • An Invitation to a Care for Creation Lenten Journey
    The BC Synod Climate Justice Action group has created 'An Invitation to a Care for Creation Lenten Journey" Lent Calendar. This Lent let us encourage one another to turn our hearts and minds towards God and God's desire for all of creation to live and flourish well, together.