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Reformation Sunday is always a special celebration at Gloria Dei, but this year was extraordinary. The occasion to remember and giving thanks for the historical events that ushered the church into a new reality over 500 years ago,  was also the occasion to welcome eleven guests and representatives from Mt. Olivet and together to celebrate and give thanks for the Spirit's continuing work among us - ushering us into new realities in our own day. 

The service began with a remembrance of our common baptism in Christ, which joins us in witness and service to the world God loves.  The choir--strengthened with the additional voice of Ingrid Pott from Mt. Olivet--supported the congregation's hymn singing and also offered the beautiful anthem, ‘Holy, Holy, Holy’ by Mark Hayes. After the Hymn of the Day,  Pastor Vida acknowledged the deep work of discernment that had brought Mount Olivet to this moment and invited Sharon Johnston and Barry Anderson to come forward and present Mount Olivet's legacy gifts. The congregation then joined in prayer and blessing over these gifts of God's abundance--that they bear fruit and strengthen Gloria Dei's witness to live out the love of Christ on the North Shore and in the wider world. 

Many thanks to Shelley Meglaughlin for hosting the coffee fellowship after the service which was enjoyed by all. 

Two letters from Mount Olivet accompanied the legacy gifts.  They are posted on the bulletin board at church where you can read more details.