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Hello everyone,

Well we are almost at the end of our second week of social distancing. How is everyone doing? If you have found something really great to do during this time, please share it with everyone, I’m sure we all need
something new right now.

This is the March Birthday edition of the newsletter. Get your cake and  candles ready, and sing To:
Kyler                  Candace                   Herb
Mike                   Nixon
Jason                 Hudson                                                

Funny happy birthday card | Free Vector

Now blow out the candles!!   We are sorry that you couldn’t have a birthday party this year


If you are feeling anxious, bored or lonely give someone a call, they are probably feeling the same way.

Let’s all lift each other up!!


Christians throughout the world were invited to pray the Lord’s Prayer at noon local time on March
25. Lord's Prayer


REMINDER: Don’t forget to check your email box for the bulletin  and hymns for Lent 5 this Sunday.